Do business with Russian companies

We find the buyer of your products in Russia
We select Russian manufacturers and suppliers for you
We help you to carry out export-import operations
When need to use the services of VEXPORT LLC?
You want to sell your products in Russia, but don't yet have your own representative office there
You want to buy goods in Russia, but don't know how to find a reliable supplier
You have a partner in Russia, and you need help in making and executing a deal
Services of VEXPORT LLC
Buyer search in Russia
We find a buyer who is interested in buying your product, agree on the terms of the transaction and help to contract
Selection of a Russian supplier or manufacturer
We select a supplier that fully meets equirements, check its reliability and help to contract
Implementation of export-import transactions
VEXPORT become an exporter or importer of the necessary products. You do not need to be distracted from the main activity, we undertake all the technical issues of the transaction
Promote your products on the Russian market
We create a website in Russian and accounts in popular social networks for the sale of your products. We carry out their promotion and administration
Terms of cooperation
The price is 3-10% of the transaction amount. Price varies depending on the specifics of the product and the volume of the transaction.
Payment is made upon the provision of services.
You can be sure that we are focused on the result, not the process!
Why customers choose VEXPORT LLC ?
Extensive business contacts in Russia and abroad;
Experience in export-import activities for over 15 years
Access to all business resources in Russia
Carry out a comprehensive verification of the reliability of the counterparty;
Know Russian market and mentality
Cooperation with the best logistics companies and customs brokers;
Own bases of Russian companies
Using modern it technologies
What countries do we work with?
Contacts of VEXPORT LLC
If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.
Main office in Russia
+7 342 259 13 11
Stakhanovskaya street 4, office 6, Perm, Russia
Representation in Turkey
Representation in Thailand
Representation in Mongolia
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